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What is RaceFacer?

RaceFacer is the World's first social network for karting lovers and go-kart centers. This is the place where drivers can share their passion for karting. RaceFacer is a community which helps the connection between tracks and drivers.

A unique web-platform where drivers from all over the world can compare their performances and achievements. Thanks to various rankings, objectives and incentivizing communication, drivers' motivation reaches its highest level!

Blue helmet iconBy joining the RaceFacer, the Karting Fans, tracks extend their notoriety to an International level and boost drivers' interest in driving go-karts.

Blue ranking iconRaceFacer is the first social network for karting lover and kart tracks in the world. This is the place where karting drivers can share their passion.

Blue network iconCustomer and business oriented, our track management system is the essential tool to manage a go-kart center and to increase its profitability.

Blue human figures iconWe are a community that helps to connect Go-kart tracks with drivers and a great place for making new friends.

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After you visit one of the RaceFacer connected tracks you get your own profile and you can use all the features that the platform offers.

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  • Follow your development as a driver with full history.
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social network top features

After you visit one of the RaceFacer connected tracks you get your own profile and you can use all the features that the platform offers.

Red helm icon Profile
A profile is your driver’s name, as well as your history on RaceFacer’s tracks, all sessions, achievements in races and challenges, wins, qualifications, best times, etc. Here you can also find friends and to communicate with them. You can upload and share pictures and videos.
Red ranking ladder icon Ranking
Compare your achievements with the rest of the RaceFacer drivers. There are rank lists based on points, time and age. You can see where you are in comparison to your friends or to everyone in RaceFacer. There are multiple filters available.
Red victory cup icon Results
Detailed information for each of your session - time for a lap and sector times. Ranking compared to other participants in the session. Detailed results for each lap. Progress - position in the ranking of each lap during the race and chart with the times lap by lap.
Red ranking icon Rank Level
What is your Rank Level? You can achieve a title of Driver, Pilot or Racer. The more you drive, the more you increase your level by accumulating kilometers (miles) or by achieving a certain time individually determined for each kart track and kart class.
Red human figures icon Friends
Connect with friends. Chat about karting. Discover your friends in the social network RaceFacer and find new so you can talk about karting. Share your passion for Go-karts.
Two red helms icon Challenges
Organize your own race or create a challenge “Best time of the day” Challenge your friends or the drivers with the closest ranks to you. Win challenges and get more rank points.
Red finish flag icon Championship
You can participate in different races and championships, organized by RaceFacer or the Go-kart center that is part of the platform itself. Results from such events will bring you extra points and will increase your rank position.
Red message bubble icon Messages
Communicate easy with your friends or Go-kart centers. You can send and receive messages or to participate in group discussion. You can control your chat history.Take part in our Track Fan Club and learn first about updates.
Red ring bell icon Notifications
Notifications are updates about different activity on RaceFacer or info for promotions and discounts. You will always stay informed and up to date with the latest news about RaceFacer.
Red message bubble icon Fan club
Join the Fan club of your favorite track or the one you drive on the most. You can take part in discussions, share videos and pictures, like publications and share them.
Red calendar icon Calendar
Each track’s calendar gives information for the available times for heats. You can make reservation for a convenient for you time so you don’t have to worry for waiting on a line.
Red mobile phone icon Mobile App
Through the mobile application you receive fast track registration using a personalized QR code and permanent access to the results of the rank list. Find the nearest kart track and learn everything about it.

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