RaceFacer Go kart timing Software Features

Innovative all-in-one solution for rental go-kart and multiactivity centers


We offer a variety of options for an on a spot and online registration.


Receive and manage bookings directly synchronized with your Session manager.

Point of sale

Easy way of selling all kind of products - karting, other activities, bar & shop, vouchers, packages, memberships.

Prepare for session

Manage your clients’ flow from registration to the pit.

Kart allocation

Different options for drivers allocation to the go-kart.

Timing software

RaceFacer karting timing software is compatible with any timing hardware.

Session management

Marshals have a complete control over the session, from its beginning to the final results.


RaceFacer offers variety of monitors that can visualize results, current and next session, best lap times and more.


RaceFacer Track management & RaceFacer Social network offer easy and attractive way to present lap timing and scoring to your clients.


Give you a global overview of your rental karting track financial performances, sales efficiency and staff achievements for selected periods.


Helps you to keep the go-karts always maintained and repaired and to know their exact condition and cost.

Mobile app

It is the easiest and fastest way to reach your customers.

Silver package

Everything that a rental go-kart track needs to work efficiently

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HR system
Point of sale
Bar and shop management
Session management and allocation
Clients module
Timing software
RaceFacer social network
Private karts
Track's website
Mobile app

Karting Management Software

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