RaceFacer Hardware

RaceFacer provides complete package of hardware products for management of go kart centers.

RaceSafety Hardware is compatible for:

Petrol go-karts
Indoor karting tracks
Electric go-karts
Outdoor karting tracks
Kart Control Device
(Shutdown transponder)
Positioning sensor
Kart power adapter
(For kart with charge coil)
It is connected to the Kart Control Device and is charging it, while the go-kart is running.
Extender for external power supply
It’s connected to Power bank with UBS cable. It is used for go-kart without charge coil
Wireless access point
Assures a stable WI-FI coverage, UniFi Mesh technology.
Led light flag signalization
–źutomatically visualize the color of the flag mode, applied on the zone after the led sign. It works in direct connection with the RaceSafety software.
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Smart Watch for Marshals
Instant notifications for stopped karts on the track. On the display marshals can see the number and the zone of the stopped kart.
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Timing system
It is a fundamental element of the operational process of each rental karting track and its choice is very important. RaceFacer software is compatible with any timing system and if you don't have one yet we can provide it.
AMB Mylaps
My Laps are the leader in the sports timing hardware market. Automatic sports timing was invented 34 years ago by the founders of MYLAPS. Their solutions are the most preferred by go-kart centers today. The X2 system is the next generation MYLAPS platform for go-karts and is an excellent solution for lap timing.
Solution for indoor and outdoor tracks with a special technology on the ceiling/arc - there are four sensors placed on the Start/Finish line that detects the go-karts passing. For more information or any questions about the system do not hesitate contacting us.
Race results
Race Results is an affordable state-of-the-art technology for your track, electric or combustion. The system is in the international market for almost 20 years and is one of the best timing solutions. The USB Timing Box is connecting directly to the computer and a decoder is not needed.
myWER Is a young and dynamic Italian company with systems that are indicated for professional timekeepers, go- kart racing tracks, motocross tracks as well as small, medium or large sized racetracks and are adaptable to a track on asphalt, dirt, ice or snow.

Access control system

This solution allows you to control the access to certain areas, to optimize the customer flow and to avoid crowds. The system includes Turnstile door, Pager system and RFID cards.

All of the components are connected to RaceFacer Track Management Software and that allows the automation of the whole process.

During the purchase, each driver or group of drivers receive a pager and/or RFID card. The pager notifies the drivers when they need to go to the pit area or the briefing video room in predefined time before their session. At the same time, the RFID cards and the pagers are enabled to allow passing through the turnstile door.

Pagers + RFID stickers and cards

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Access control gate

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Queue management
Efficient working process
Increase customer's satisfaction
Additional hardware devices
Self service kiosk
Embedded camera
QR scanner
Ticket printer
Bank terminal
19'' touch screen
Mini PC
Your customers can register, book, sign declaration and pay easily on one place. This will boost their satisfaction and optimize the working process. With modern and elegant design, this Kiosk is a great addition to your customer experience. The device can be branded with your logo and images both on the metal frame and the screen.

Self Service Kiosk can be placed on your track or on other location like in a shopping mall to increase your daily bookings.
Speed up registration process for your customers and collect a database of your clients with our 15" multi-touch screen kiosk. Mini PC with Intel Celeron, 8GB ram and 128 GB SSD hard drive. The stand is included.
Led scoreboard
A high quality solution for LED scoreboards both for indoor or outdoor karting centers. Various options according to your specific needs - different sizes, waterproof, no sun influence and ect. Perfect visibility for the results, commercials and ect.
Wireless laser barcode scanner
Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner P6, offers an excellent solution for quick drivers’ allocation on the go karts with barcode scanning. Each go kart has unique barcode and each driver will have such on the printed ticket, which he will receive on POS.
Barcode scanner for allocation
An excellent solution for quick drivers' allocation on the go-karts with barcode scanning. Blurring, incomplete and even barcodes with up to 128 digits can be decoded and uploaded to a computer at super fast speeds. The huge capacity of 2600mAh built-in battery allows continuous scanning up to 180,000 times. Professional Anti-shock Protectio
Mobile data terminal with android
Highly optimized Android system for easy allocation at the pit with barcode scanning. Works independently and there is no need to be connected to the PC. Fast charging: 5 hours; Working time: 10 hours; Shock and waterproof.
Weather station
Weather station is an important device, especially for outdoor tracks. It shows information about the air temperature, asphalt temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. The weather station is linked to the RaceFacer software and in this way, the drivers can compare their performance under different air conditions.
Thermal printer
A non-fiscal printer for tickets. The tickets can be customised with individual design, logo and text for advertisement. It provides information about the driver and the session. The information displayed on the ticket can be fully customized. It is fast, reliable and easy to configure. It features fast printing up to 300mm/second.
QR code scanner
It reads any QR code whether it is printed on a label or read off the screen of a smartphone, tablet or PC. Suitable for quick recognition on POS with QR code from the Mobile app, voucher, membership card and ect.
Paging system
A system of pagers, through which the clients are informed for the start of their session. Each pager is automatically linked by the software with an individual number. The pagers can be branded with the logo of your go-kart center. The set includes fifty Coaster Pagers, five Chargers and one Keyboard Transmitter.
Steering wheel display
Steering Wheel Display improves the customer's experience during kart driving. They can see their lap times, ranking, GAP ect. It includes interfaces for normal sessions, race sessions as well as Flag display. Weight: 230g, size: 149mm x 100mm x 19mm
Magnetic cards reader
It is a device that reads the information encoded on the magnetic stripe located on the back of the card. It is with USB connection, high swipe speed, lowest consumption and the best interrupted swiping support.
Digital signature pad
It is designed to capture and digitize handwritten signatures in high resolution, quickly and securely. Suitable for weaver or declaration signed by drivers. It is compact, thin and has a large screen with a special coating, that displays the signature in a real time on the screen.