RaceFacer provides its customers with a complete range of products to ease the management of each go-kart centers.

Timing hardware:
Measurement of lap timing

Timing hardware is a fundamental element of each track’s operational process. This is why the choice of devices is highly important. RaceFacer is working hands in hands with the world major provider of Timing Hardware, My Laps AMB. Each timing system includes transponder, loop and decoder.

LED Scoreboard:
Display results and videos

The LED Scoreboard is an outdoor led screen which allows many displays like results and video. Waterproof with DVI graphic card. It communicates with the software by TCP/IP protocol or with individual computer.

Kiosk stand and tablet:
Registration and results checking

The kiosk tablet serves customers’ registrations and enables drivers to check their results after each heat. RaceFacer provides a Kiosk browser for tablet. It is a program “locking” the device for the exclusive use of drivers’ registrations and heats’ results checking. The tablet, up to your choice can be white or black and the size of its screen is 10,1”. The Kiosk stand itself is made with is high quality composite with clear design, in black and white color. You can brand your Kiosk Stand with your go-kart center logo.

QR code reader:
Mobile App and vouchers

The QR reader enables the read of QR Code and Bar code. The QR reader is directly linked with RaceFacer software. Friendly user, the QR Code will help the cashier to automatically quick register each driver with an already existing account. The customer flow has never been so fast! The QR Code is also devoted to read vouchers. With automatic recognition, the QR Reader will send a signal to the software and will provide the customer with the granted discount.

Paging system:
Improve your customer flow

The paging system is to be comparable as the system used in some restaurants when it comes to wait. When customers should wait before driving, they are given a pager. When it is time to drive, the pager will light and buzz and then customers can enjoy their heats. Each pager is automatically linked with the software with an individual number. The cashier, in just a click through the software, activate the pagers to let the customer aware that it is time to drive. Pagers can be branded with the logo of your go-kart center.

Weather station:
Gives accurate track conditions

All drivers through the RaceFacer community will compare their performances (rankings), based on timing (lap Time). RaceFacer, thanks to its high experience knows that people must compare what is comparable. A lap Time under the rain will not be the same as a lap time in summer with a shining sun! RaceFacer provide tracks with an accurate weather station linked to the Software. This way, when drivers want to compare their performances, they know exactly what was the condition (atmospheric, temperature of air, temperature of tracks, wind,…)

Point of Sales Printer:
Manage the customer flow

The point of sales printer is a non-fiscal printer. After each drivers’ registrations, the cashier is able to print a ticket with various information on it to help the marshall and manage the customers’ flow. The information displayed on the ticket are most commonly the name of the driver, the model and number of the go-kart the driver is going to ride, the duration of the drive and of course the starting time of the session. All information displayed on the ticket are customizable, which means you can display what you want, where you want. There is the possibility to integrate the logo of your go-kart center or to enter any specific message for any particular occasion.