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Hyper Karting - Australia
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Harald Huysman
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TAG E-Karting & Amusement - Canada

“We evaluated multiple softwares not only to run our karting business but also all other attractions and found nothing more advanced than RaceFacer.”

TAG E-Karting & Amusement is a unique indoor family entertainment center in Canada with 8 attractions, 2 restaurants and 500 meters of multi-level karting track.

We evaluated multiple softwares not only to run our karting business but also all other attractions and found nothing more advanced than RaceFacer. RaceFacer is an all-in-one software with a great POS to manage either online booking or walk-ins, ticketing for each attraction and a very advanced karting management system.

The most impressive aspect of RaceFacer is their amazing customer service and their willingness to improve the solutions to your needs. On top of always being available, they also developed for us special integrations between RaceFacer and our payment system, our CRG karts and our arcade card system SACOA. RaceFacer were by far the only company interested to understand our needs and tailored a complex solution without only focusing on how much money we would be able to transfer them and when. I would recommend them hands down!

Mario Bouchard
Chairman & Co-Founder

Kartplex - Canada

“I can summarize my review in one statement: I would not consider operating a retail karting centre without RaceFacer AND RaceSafety in place”

The positive impact that RaceFacer has on our efficiency, profitability, ease of operation and client experience is actually simple to quantify and there is no doubt that we are able to process a greater number of rides, and maintain a higher level of customer satisfaction as a direct result of RaceFacer’s integrated POS, scheduling and session management features. It is equally simple to quantify the impact of RaceSafety in terms of repair costs, down time and safety. We are able to operate more efficiently and with greatly increased safety, all the while using fewer employees since we have implemented both RaceFacer and RaceSafety.

We have been extremely impressed by our experience with the team. From our initial contact with Marina to our ongoing support by Geogi, Dimitar, Marina and the entire team at RF/RS we have been please to discover that they are dedicated and professional. They have been willing to work around the time zone conflicts and ready to support, educate and work with us at all time.

Regarding the support team I say I’m unqualified to comment because I have become good friends with all the team. We have come to expect to be treated like family and they always make us feel that way. My feedback is “Thank you my friends!”

Craig Finer
Manager Kartplex Canada

Vicenza - Italy

“RaceSafety Automatic Kart Control System is amazing for us feature because it offers a next level safety guarantee to our guests”

RaceFacer is our second software management system after a lot of years (more than 10 years) with our first and previous system. We have switched to RaceFacer because of their “youngness” and for their forward looking for the technology brought on our work.

We have choosen RaceFacer for the services they offers, mainly for the Safety System which is a great feature to enhance the safety for our guests and for the steering wheel’s display which is a great feature to give a great experience to the guest.

We have found a really nice experience with the team, both before, during and after the installation. We can say we have built a great collaboration with all the RaceFacer’s team facing and solving all the problems which can happens during a switch of the management system. They have been really professional for their availability customizing the software for our needs.

We think that the steering wheel displays are an amazing feature for their customizability and the availability to see sectors and a lot of other information.

Our employees has found the whole system easy, fast learnability and intuitive.

Simone Dal Grande
VKI – Vicenza Kart Indoor

Le Mans Entertainment

“Key features that attracted us to RaceFacer is its online booking system, vouchers, web browser based remote login, user friendly interface and CRM.”

Le Mans installed RaceFacer in early 2020. We’ve used multiple timing/booking systems previously over the years and we switched to RaceFacer because of the suitability of their product and willingness to adapt their software to our requirements. Le Mans is a multi-activity venue including 3 outdoor karting tracks, Lasertag, Virtual Reality, Amusement Arcade, Restaurant and function rooms. The software is critical to the daily operation of our business and how we interact with our customers.

Key features that attracted us to RaceFacer is its online booking system, vouchers, web browser based remote login, user friendly interface and CRM.

RaceFacer’s remote installation went smoothly, and they continue to invest and develop their software in collaboration with their clients resulting in the ongoing addition of new functionality and improvement of the software.

We have worked closely with RaceFacer and have found all their team to be responsive, professional, helpful, and supportive to work with, especially taking into account the impact of COVID over the past two years, the time difference and distance between Australia and Bulgaria. RaceFacer, have always been available to us despite the time difference.

We believe RaceFacer to be the best product on the market for our industry.

Chris Kasputtis

Kartodromo Citta di Messina - Italy

“The Race Events package proved to be one of the best products on the market and allowed us to get the compliments of all the drivers participating in the races.”

We met RaceFacer during IKA Offenbach, I was immediately struck by the new slowdown system. Our track organizes Endurance, Sprint races and Championships. We choose RaceFacer software because of its multiple options and easy usage. We are collaborating with the team, which is always available and ready to implement the new services we requested.

The app allows you to view the lap times and is highly appreciated by customers. In addition it allows comparison with other drivers and keep a history that is used to monitor the improvements obtained.

Finally, our compliments to Marina for her knowledge of our language and for her availability both in the purchase phase and subsequently for all our needs.

Duilio Petrullo

Karting Sevilla - Spain

“We are very happy with the racing software for both sprint and endurance.”

For us, the best thing about Race Facer, is that once everything is installed on the circuit, you can perform all the functionality perfectly with what a karting track needs, such as having all the times recorded in the APP, ticket sales, online registration, calendar, formatting in general... etc.

It is very positive that everything can be modified by us or the company Race Facer, everything can be made to "measure", the race software is very good for all drivers, mechanics and track personnel, etc.

Jose Alejo Lopez
Owner and manager

Bergen - Norway

“Selecting RaceFacer as timing and admin software for our track was one of the key elements to our success.”

From the first introduction, we found trust in the team and the product, and also the business case and the cost-strategy was trustworthy. As an overall management tool, RaceFacer is taking care of all the features you need to operate a track, and also a multievent center.

We wanted the customer to experience something in accordance with the digital and modern world they use to operate. RaceFacer had this tool already in place, and moreover, they were willing and capable of adding features, and adopting to our vision. Every aspects of the tool is absolutely not flawless, but the team behind the tool really understand the karting business, and they are there to help if something urgent comes up.

The fact that RaceFacer does have the competency for software development in-house, is really important. This means that they are able to help you whenever there is an urgency – even if this is in the weekend or a late afternoon.

The support team is amazing!
The team is responsive, capable, they communicate well in English, and they are taking good care of our staff. The Automatic safety system is a nice feature, and a beginning of something that has a potential to be something really important.

Johnny Bernhardsen
Owner Bergen go-kart

Doos Karting - Saudi Arabia

“Been working with them for 4+ years now, I think we are staying for years to come. Racefacer KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!”

We have worked with Ivo and Georgi from Racefacer since our start, the adaptability is outstanding, but the best thing is the speed and the fact that the guys are always ready for a challenge and quick to react.

Mohammad Al Shethry
Co-founder and CEO

Hyper Karting - Australia

“The Automatic kart control system has been a great

RaceFacer went above and beyond to ensure our software was uniquely customized to the specific needs of our track within days of us opening. The team have been responsive, helpful, professional and very easy to work with. I am always blown away by their willingness and ability to quickly implement software customizations.

RaceFacer was chosen because they simply have the best software.  The cost savings to us were an added benefit.  We valued their automatic speed control safety system, on steering wheel display screens and the fact that the software runs off a web browser and not pre-installed hardware on devices.

Marina, Georgi and Dimitar have been exceptional!  They really do put the customer first and are always prepared to make the changes to the software that we desire. They are responsive, helpful, professional and very easy to work with.

Andrew Richardson
Owner Hyper Karting

Fibo Karting - Slovakia

“Races and championships, track management and marketing system speeded up our work and saved time. The RaceFacer team is very helpful and innovative.”

We were the first karting hall on Slovakia which started using RaceFacer.

We don´t regret our decision to choose RaceFacer likes main software. It is very professional, multifunctional and modern.It's been part of our business for one and half year. RaceFacer gave us and our customers more options on how to be better at what we do.

Races and championships, track management and marketing system speeded up our work and saved time. The RaceFacer team is very helpful and innovative. We know that everybody who chooses RaceFacer makes great decision.

Filip Šutovský

Frozen Ring - Finland

“"Racefacer Team has been very innovative and supportive. We have found just the right partner for us, who works exactly like us - innovative, high quality, 5 star service and fast paced.”

We have been co-operated with RaceFacer one winter season and we are more than satisfied with the software and with their service. From the first contact they have been very helpful and professional. Racefacer has fulfilled all our needs and beoynd. Our ice karting track is unique and it’s located 300 km above Arctic Circle. Our track is pure ice 570 m long with 11 turns and we operate in challenging arctic conditions. We needed a partner who can support us with our challenging conditions and who understands that our track and business is different from others.

Racefacer Team has been very innovative and supportive. They are always there for us. Remote installation and support has worked very functionally, easily and rapidly. They even created us a tailormade online booking browser with our own brand colour and pictures to make it look like us. The software works extremely well for our needs. The most important matter for us is their team and service. We have found just the right partner for us, who works exactly like us; innovative, high quality, 5 star service and fast paced. Looking forward to the future partnership together. RaceFacer plays a big role that we success in our business and in our daily work.

Maarit Puhakka
Operation Manager

Harald Huysman - Norway

“Great system and always improving the product!”

We started working with Racefacer in June 2020 and are delighted that we finally, after 25 years in the kart rental business, have a partner who really understands our different needs. The team at Racefacer are humble and service minded people, they have so far solved all our main needs regarding timing and online booking. Great people to work with!

We chose RaceFacer because of the people, the decent cost and of course the feedback from the track in Bergen. The RaceFacer people gave us immediately a good feeling, honest and very knowledgeable people!

The installation and start up of the system was during the first phase of the pandemic so all was done remotely, it worked perfectly even though the situation was challenging. It is great to work with the people of RaceFacer.

Thank you especially for offering a great service and making our business even more successful!

Harald Huysman

Lot 66 - Netherlands

“The most important statement is that the system is solid as a rock. It almost never fails.”

RaceFacer is a real allround system, that takes care of all your management needs for a professional karting track, or for - as in our case - a multi-activity leisure center. Whether you are looking for managing day-to-day operations, for handling your commercial mailings, for planning and monitoring complex multi-activity bookings or for financial insight based on reporting; the RaceFacer software will not let you down.

The software is built and developed by an enthusiastic team, that knows first-hand what it means to run a karting or leisure venue. They are flexible, service-oriented and they keep pushing the software to a higher level continuously.

Apart from what was stated above, we like the multi calendar a lot. It gives us insight in all that is going on in our venues at every single moment. That is a real help at the busiest moments.

Alex Sanders
Owner Lot 66

Kartland - Serbia

“We find RaceFarcer a very similar business mentality as ours - an agile entrepreneur.”

The team at Racefacer is agile, communicative and responsive in all our ideas and needs and makes us understand not only the impact of what we would like to do but share experience from 100+ business around the world.

Support team is always responsive in high priority issues when we need immediate action and keeps in the loop any other ideas and nice to have functionalities.

Zvonko Franciskovic
Owner Kartland Serbia

EKR - Spain

“The support team is fantastic!

For the EKR company, the RaceFacer team has been a great support in the expansion of our brand in Spain. What makes RaceFacer unbeatable is their personal treatment and service.

RaceFacer software is the best I have seen in the market of our country regarding karting track management. They attend at all hours ( 24/7), they attend to the needs we may have, they never say NO for an answer and always try to meet our needs.

Asier Ijurra
Rental Division Management

E-GO Karting - Russia

“RaceFacer helps us and our tracks to provide our clients with new, much better, and interesting experience with less effort.”

We began to use RaceFacer’s management software 5 years ago and now the choice was clear for our new track E-Go Karting.

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone from RaceFacer’s team for great job that they did.

RaceFacer helps us and our tracks to provide our clients with new, much better, and interesting experience with less effort.

Now RaceFacer is a part of our Tracks and part of our Life. Moreover - RaceFacer became the part of many Russian Tracks. We hope that it is just beginning!!!

So, we say good luck to RaceFacer and wait from them more and more new features and innovations!

Aleksey Zhuravskiy

Inverness - Scotland

“We really enjoy the reporting opportunities that the RaceFacer software provides

With RaceFacer ,the overall running of our track has become a lot more streamlined, allowing for customers to be processed in a much more efficient manner.

The support team have been first class when it comes to communicating with our team at the track. The system helps us to do an in-depth analyze into how efficiently our track is operating and therefore helps us to boost sales and revenue with new strategies and approaches.

Peter Doherty
General Manager at Inverness Kart Raceway

Checo Perez - Mexico

“The system is very easy to operate with. It is Amazing!”

The RaceFacer team has treated us excellently, since we contacted them for the first time and they gave us an excellent service. When we started our purchase process with them they were very kind and explained to us in details everything that we needed.

There has been no need to try other software as it has been super-efficient and reliable, and we highly recommend it. The support team is there for us at any situation.

Daniel Rodriguez

Woop - Slovenia

“If I had to do it all over again Racefacer would still be my 1st option.”

RaceFacer was recommended to us as an advanced, customer oriented company and that they had a vision of karting business similar to ours… Trying to take karting to the next level. They allegedly also had a feature called RaceSafety, which automatically takes care of safety on the track. With automatic reduction of go-kart speeds in case of accidents and automatic raising of flags over LED displays. It was what we needed.

The launch date came and so did the moment of truth… And they delivered, like they promised! They are experts in their field and really understand the customer and his needs.

I would lie if I said there were no errors on the software. There were some minor ones, but they were solved fast and efficient and without significant impact on visitor satisfaction. Also after the implementation the support is good. Some technical bugs come from time to time but they always solve it for us in time.

Ziga Doberlet

Go-kart center Thessaloniki – Greece

“RaceSafety is an awesome system , helping a lot with the safety of both - the customers and the pit marshals as well.”

Racefacer software is an ideal solution for go kart tracks worldwide. It gives full control and a bird’s eye view over the business to the manager. Racefacer software is a state of art software. I think that it covers me in a very good way. I cannot make a choice about a feature that i like most …. It's like having five kids and asked to choose one of them … It can't happen . All options of the software are a must to have in order to control your business and give your customer the best experience.

Racesafety is the next level to the safety for both customers and track managers. It saves a lot of money to me as a track owner as the need for more pit marshals is not so big , and also it gives my customers a feeling of professionalism combined with security that their kids and themselves are safe in my track.

Alexandros Nousopoulos

URace - Russia

“I am very happy I took the decision to change my previous software, because RaceFacer met and exceeded my expectations.”

I am very happy I took the decision to change my previous software, because RaceFacer met and exceeded my expectations. It is a fantastic and reliable company with great team, always ready to help. What I like the most is the fact that they constantly develop the software and add new functionalities. The system is very user friendly and convenient. My staff loves it and my customers enjoy RaceFacer Social Network.

Stanislav Ermakov