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Terms and Conditions

I. General Provisions

1. RaceFacer.com (hereinafter referred to as RaceFacer) is a website, property of the company "RaceFacer Ltd” with EIK 202926835, address 84 Tintyava street, Sofia with electronic mail: support@RaceFacer.com.

2. RaceFacer provides products and services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") to its users connected to them piloting go-karts at the tracks which are part of the platform RaceFacer.

3. RaceFacer provides an opportunity to its registered users to connect among themselves, to share contacts, to exchange and share ideas related to the go karting sport. All services that we offer on the platform RaceFacer aim to help its users to develop their skills in go karting - either on an amateur or professional level. Through the ability to access different data, users receive the possibility to improve their results and gain experience in go-karting. Users gain access for analysis of all their available information regarding their achievements and the achievements of other users.

4. Any person which has loaded RaceFacer onto their browser or has been redirected to site, should make himself aware of the general conditions and if the person does not wish to become a user, or does not wish to provide data and information nor have access to the data and information on the site should immediately leave RaceFacer.

5. Services offered on RaceFacer are diverse so additional conditions or requirements for the use of the RaceFacer (including requirements for age) could be incurred later on. Additional conditions will be at your disposal at their respective application and from then on, these additional conditions will become part of your agreement with us.

6. Because RaceFacer provides a wide range of Services, we may ask you to review and accept supplemental terms that apply to your interaction with a specific app, product, or service. To the extent those supplemental terms conflict with this Terms of Use, the supplemental terms associated with the app, product, or service govern with respect to your use of such app, product or service to the extent of the conflict.

7. You can use RaceFacer, only for the purposes for which the platform was created and are permitted by the law as well as all regulations and applications regarding the use of Internet services, sharing of information and data. In cases of malfeasance, we can give up the use of your account or decide to stop the provision of our service extended to you.

8. In connection with the use of the services- you agree to receive administrative messages and other information (by electronic mail, SMS or internal platform messages) on behalf of RaceFacer and the tracks in RaceFacer’s community, with the aim of increasing the awareness of consumers.

9. RaceFacer provides the ability for consumers to make proposals concerning the work of the site, to submit complaints and signal problems that have arisen when it comes to questionable actions coming from another user, as well as for the cases of incorrect implementation of the obligations of RaceFacer at the following address - support@RaceFacer.com.

II. Registration

1. RaceFacer provides the ability for consumers to benefit from its services after the completion of a registration. The procedure for registration is covered in detail on the site and contains specific instructions for facilitation and assistance.

2. Registration in the platform shall be carried out in two ways - from a web browser or by using Kiosk system located on each karting track part of the platform.

3. Registered users of RaceFacer agree to provide the following personal data: name; surname; electronic mail; the date of birth and gender as well as a configuration of a username. The totality of the data referred to in the previous sentence creates a profile for the user. The profile as set with the above listed personal data is visible to all other users of RaceFacer with the exception of the electronic mail data.

4. After the initial registration, the user creates a password. The password is confidential and must not be shared. You are responsible for the activity implemented in, from and through your profile in RaceFacer.

III. Provided Services

The services provided by RaceFacer are paid and free. Paid services are accurately labelled and contain specific conditions for use as detailed in the procedures assign to them.

IV. Confidentiality and protection of Intellectual Property

1. You agree that RaceFacer may use the data entered by your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

2. Access and use of RaceFacer and its services do not give you ownership rights or intellectual property rights of RaceFacer or of its services/content to which you have access to using the platform. You do not have the right to use the content of our services, except if you’ve received a permission from RaceFacer for such matter. Also, these conditions do not give you the right to use the trademark or logo of RaceFacer. Through the platform RaceFacer and through its services which it offers, content which is not a property of RaceFacer may be displayed. This content is the sole responsibility of the user, who makes it accessible. We can reconsider uploaded content for which receive a signal and there is a doubt that is illegal or violates our policies. Such content can be repealed.

3. You do not have the right to provide a false personal information to RaceFacer or to create an account for another person without their permission. You do not have the right to create more than one personal account. You acknowledge that will keep your contact details up to date and correct. We are obliged to provide information to help the holders of copyrights to manage its intellectual property. If you believe that someone violates copyrights rights you and you want to let us know, you can contact us at support@RaceFacer.com.

4. Consumers agree that the posted by them content on the site, (and) including content which is protected (IP) such as intellectual property rights, should be granted free to RaceFacer. The authorisation is non-exclusive, transferred, not only for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and for a certain period of time. The authorisation shall lapse when the user deletes their profile or erases the content which is subject to intellectual property.However, you understand that removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time and be used by RaceFacer, however not be available to others.

5. If you have a profile in RaceFacer, we are able to show the uploaded by you information such as: name in your profile, profile photo and other information (with the exception of the e-mail address and phone number) or your actions , which you take using RaceFacer and you have given your consent for those to be shared with or from third parties relating to the use of your profile in RaceFacer, including the display of advertisements and other commercial context.

6. All contained materials posted in RaceFacer are the exclusive property of "RaceFacer Ltd”, and are prohibited in any way from reproduction, modification, deletion, publication, dissemination and disclosure, including the recreation of posted materials or the look of the site without the express written consent of the holder of the rights- "RaceFacer Ltd”. The appearance of the internet page of RaceFacer, the images and the source code are under the protection of Bulgarian and International law.

7. Any resulting disputes between the users of the site and "RaceFacer Ltd” arising out of or in relation to the use of the website, shall be settled by mutual consent and if such is not reached, before the competent courts in town Sofia, in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

V. Safety

Due to the importance we put on safety for our consumers RaceFacer introduces the following restrictions you will need to comply with:

  • You will not post unauthorised commercial communications (such as spam) on RaceFacer.
  • You will not collect users' content or information, or otherwise access Facebook, using automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers) without our prior permission.
  • You will not upload viruses or other malicious code.
  • You will not solicit login information or access an account belonging to someone else.
  • You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
  • You will not use RaceFacer to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

VI. Change and termination of RaceFacer profile

1. We have the right to add or delete functions as well as the right to end or stop some or all of the services offered by RaceFacer completely.

VII. COMPANIES (karting tracks) using the platform

1. If you are using our services on behalf of a company, then you accept all the conditions in this policy. You relieve of responsibility RaceFacer, its subsidiaries, employees, agents and employees from any claims, cases or criminal proceedings arising out of or in relation to the use of RaceFacer or breach of these terms and conditions including any liability or costs arising from the claims, losses, damage, cases, judgments legal costs and attorney fees.

VIII. Conditions for safety on karting tracks

1. With agreeing to these conditions and registering on the platform RaceFacer, you agree to comply with the existing rules for security and the conditions for the pilotage of karts on the tracks, part of the platform.

2. You are bound is to follow the instructions of the instructors and service personnel at each go-kart track, part of the platform.

3. The safety rules and conditions for the pilotage of go-karts can be different for different go-kart tracks. You may familiarise yourself with the rules of a specific karting track in the section "Tracks" of RaceFacer or at the physical site of the track.


These General Conditions may be changed at any time from the "RaceFacer Ltd” with the aim of improving the quality of the services provided and with the introduction of new ones. Changes also may result from amendments to the Bulgarian legislation.

"RaceFacer Ltd” reserves the right to change its general conditions at any time and at its own discretion. The changes would be uploaded to the official website and shall enter into

force on the day of their occurrence on the site. Consumers are obliged to check the updates of the general conditions and to take them into account.

The changes in the General Terms and conditions shall not apply retroactively. However, changes aimed at new features to a service or changes made for legal reasons will be effective immediately. If you do not agree with the amended conditions for service, you have the right to stop the use of this service.

X. Definitions

1. By "RaceFacer" or” RaceFacer Services” we mean the features and services we make available, including through (a) our website at www.RaceFacer.com and any other Facebook branded or co-branded websites.

2. By "information" we mean facts and other information about you, including actions taken by users and non-users who interact with RaceFacer.

3. By "content" we mean anything you or other users post, provide or share using RaceFacer Services.

4. By "post" we mean content posted on RaceFacer or otherwise make available by using RaceFacer.

5. By "use" we mean use, run, copy, publicly perform or display, distribute, modify, translate, and create derivative works of.

6. By "user" we mean a person who after accepting the general conditions has decided deliberately to establish its profile in RaceFacer.

7. By "platform" we mean an innovative active internet platform offering the opportunity for the exchange of information.

8. By "profile" we mean a set of personal information provided by the user.

9. By "personal data" we mean any information concerning the natural person with the aid of which that same person can be detected and differentiated from other natural persons.

10. By "go-kart track" we mean any facility offering access to services for the use of go-karts, part of the platform RaceFacer.

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