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Fully Automatic Kart Control System

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What is RaceSafety

Fully automatic
Cost effective

Automatic and manual remote control over the speed of the go-kart utilizing flag modes in line with their meaning in motorsports.

Kart control device
(Shutdown transponder)

Software features

RaceSafety system works in automatic and manual remote control modes.
In the administration track managers can predefine all the parameters - RPM, distance before/after ect.

Yellow flag mode
Red flag mode
Blue flag mode
Checkered flag mode
Pit box mode
Automatic slow-down and speed-up of go-karts before and after a incident. It can be applied also for a sector.
Automatic reduction of the speed or stop of all the go-karts in case certain number of go-karts are not moving at the track (heavy accident with more go-karts).
Automatic option to reduce the engine RPM of the go-kart that has to be overtaken by a faster one.
Setting up zones for slowdown of the engine before the pit lane in the last lap.
Reduce the RPM and/or stop the go-kart when enters the pit lane (pit in loop is required).
Option to apply manually a penalty for unregulated behavior at the track. The driver’s go-kart RPM will be reduced for certain time.
A map visualization with real time location of each go-kart.
Reduce the RPM of all the go-karts on the track.
You can configure driving modes for kids, begginer or junior . They can apply for the whole track or a certain zone with the different speed modes.
Option for different speed modes - Slow and Very Slow with predefines RPM for every go-kart type.
Used for fast location of stopped go-kart at the track. The marshals receive notifications (vibration) on their smartwatches. Option for multiple zones.
Three operating options: Automatic, Show only (notifications) & Manual.
Positioning monitor
Virtual safety car
Driving modes
Speed modes
Marshal zones
Work modes

Fully Automatic Remote
Kart Control Safety System

For Petrol & Electric Go-Karts

Section background

RaceSafety works with automatic speed control in different modes. RaceSafety Software uses information from the positioning sensor (10 times per sec) and sends automatic commands to the LED flags and displays and the Kart Control Device (shutdown transponder), which reduces the engine's RPM of the go-karts in different cases in line with their meaning in motorsports. The Kart Control Device communicates (via radio) with the Antenna, which is connected to the software, and the information is received immediately. Manual commands can be used for Penalties, Virtual safety car, Emergencies, and all other modes. Commands can be sent from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or the remote control device.

Kart control
device Shut down


Antenna Radio




Automatic LEF Flag system

RaceSafety Technology

Kart control
Led light flag
Steering wheel
Smart watch
Kart Control Device
(Shutdown transponder)
The system's central component. The Kart Control
Device connects with the server via WiFi
and controls engine’s RPM of the go-kart. It is installed
on the back of the seat and is connected to
the engine with Engine link cable.
Controls engine’s RPM
Collects information from sensors
Sends and Recieves information via WiFi
RS Positioning sensor
Real time tracking technology which sends information to the software for
the location and movement of every go-kart on the track.
As a result, you can show positioning map and visualize a session or a race.
It is in direct connection with the Kart Control Device.
Real time tracking technology
Live results and visualization map
Kart location
Power supply
Kart Power Adapter
It is required, if the engine of the go-kart has charge coil.
Connects to the Kart Control Device and is charging it,
while the go-kart is running.

Extender for external power supply
If the engine of the go-kart does not have a charge coil,
you need to get Power Bank and USB power cable.
The Extender is needed for the connection
between Power bank and the Kart control device.
Communication box
Ensures the connection between RaceSafety software and
the Kart Control Device for flawless driving experience.
4 antennas for wider range
Provide timing data packages
Suitable for indoor and outdoor tracks
Remote control
Stand alone device for control over
go-karts, LED flags, virtual safety car.
Works directly with RaceSafety via radio
communication and reduces marshals' work.
Assign cart number and speed
Virtual safety car
Increase safety on the track
Led light flag Signalization
It works in direct connection with RaceSafety Software.
Several Led light flag signalizations can be
situated in different locations at the track.
They will automatically visualize the color of the flag mode,
applied after the led sign and inform the drivers.
P6 resolution
Outdoor cabinet and wifi
Different color lightening
Steering wheel display
Fully integrated with RaceSafety displays that provide
drivers with access to their last lap time, best lap time,
heat beast time, sector times, time/laps left, GAP,
DIFF and randing. LED flag signalizations appear
on the wheel to alert drivers and decrease incidents.
Increase customers' satisfaction
Real time data visualization
Maximize drivers safety on the track
Marshal's Smart watch
In case of a stopped kart at the track,
the Smart watch will notify the marshal by vibration
and will visualize on the screen the zone and the kart’s number.
The user-friendly interface provides
all the needed information for quick reaction.
With vibration alerts

Improve Track Safety without Software or Servers

RaceSafety kart control system can work as a standalone solution. The installed control devices on your go-karts can receive commands and reduce RPM via Remote Control and our communication box.

LED flag system also receives signals from the remote control and show flag modes in line with their meaning in motorsports.


LED Flag signalization system
as a standalone solution

Elevate safety with a hardware solution without installation and servers
Race control will optimize the work process on your track.

LED flags for
comprehensive signaling


Communication Box


Remote Control

You can order only the hardware devices without RaceSafety software
or server to improve safety at your track with flag signalization and virtual safety car

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