Karting Management Software

Advanced features

Innovative all-in-one solution for rental go-kart and multiactivity centers

Online booking and payment

Based on the selected activity and time slots, the system will display optional products and the client can make a reservation and pay for it.

Suitable for karting and multiactivity centers

Popular features:

The most important

You can use online booking at:

Your website
Track page in RaceFacer
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Benefits for your karting business of using Online booking and payment:
Increase sales
Optimize your schedule
Improve customer service
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Multi-activity calendar

Easy schedule management of venues with multiple activities.

The calendar gives you detailed information about all the reservations, their duration, time frame and more.

Popular features:

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Benefits for your karting business of using Multi-activity calendar:
Easy scheduling
Staff planning
Event management
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Online gift vouchers

RaceFacer voucher system allows you easily to create and sell vouchers.

You can create products with money value, discounts, products or prepaid heats for karting and other activities.

Popular features:

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Online gift vouchers are available on:

Your website
Track page in RaceFacer
Partner's website
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Benefits for your karting business of using Online Gift vouchers:
Better customer service
Sales increase
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Marketing insights and tools

Use your customer database to analyze your clients’ behavior and your venue efficiency.

Send the right message to the right people.

Popular features:

The most important

In compliance with GDPR

Analyze your venue efficiency
  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Seasonality
  • Best drivers
  • Total number of visits
  • Average money spent
  • Lap times and achievements
  • Total revenue by products
  • User discounts
  • Go-kart types performance
Campaign tools:
  • Email campaigns
  • Automatic birthday emails
  • SMS campaigns
  • Push notifications
Benefits for your karting business of using Marketing insights and tools:
Business analyses
Reach your clients
Sales increase
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Race and event management

Suitable for rental, race or private go-karts and race classes.

Each race can be part of a championship.

Popular features:

The most important
Race management
  • Race timeline
  • Star/Stop/Pause
  • Change and swap karts
  • Event durations
  • Starting grid
  • Passing table
Quick import of drivers:
  • Virtual kiosk
  • Excel
  • Leagues
  • Kiosk
  • Database
  • Championships
Benefits for your karting business of using Race and Event management:
Increase satisfaction
Faster organization
Easy to make more events
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RaceFacer track management software is very flexible in order to provide a better service. We are working with third party softwares and offer custom integrations.

Payment providers integrated in RaceFacer And more...


Stripe is a fully integrated suite of payment products.


Mollie helps businesses of all sizes to sell and build more efficiently.


One powerful business platform with everything you need to accept payments.


The platform built to simplify and accelerate global payments.


Millions of brands of all sizes trust Square to accept payments.

Yandex Checkout

Service for receiving payments on the Internet and offline, with fast connection and modern API.

Custom integrations

We can integrate different third party software on request

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Payment methods for your go-kart center And more...


The most used payment method in the Netherlands.

Sofort banking

European-wide payment method in 8 countries.


The online wallet with 184 million active users.

Credit card

You can use different types of credit cards.

In compliance with national legislations



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Advanced software solution for your rental karting track.

Improve your business with Management and Marketing tools from RaceFacer Timing & Track management software.

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Silver package
Marketing insights and tools
Campaign manager
Online booking and payment
Online gift vouchers
Multi-activity calendar

Race and events module

Create and manage sprint and endurance races

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