RaceFacer provides its customers with a complete range of products to ease the management of each go-kart centers.

Timing system
It is a fundamental element of the operational process of each rental karting track and its choice is very important. RaceFacer software is compatible with any timing system and if you don't have one yet we can provide it.
AMB Mylaps
One of the most popular timing systems for rental karting that includes:
Solution for indoor and outdoor tracks with different technology.
Sector times
Very cost effective system for sector times measurement and integration.
RaceFacer offers a specially developed modern acrylic stand. It can be additionally designed and branded and is suitable for a 10.1 inches tablet. We can provide also KIOSK station with a possibility of direct payment and ticketing.
Easy customer registration
Custom branded with your logo
Itegrated camera
Direct payments
Ticket printing
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Led scoreboard
RaceFacer provides a high quality solution for LED scoreboards both for indoor or outdoor karting centers. Provides various options according to your specific needs - different sizes, waterproof, no sun influence, etc.
Custom sizes
Perfect visibility
Visualization of races and results
Track branding and commercials
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Steering wheel display
Steering Wheel Display improves the customer's experience during kart driving. They can see in real time their lap times, ranking, GAP, DIFF and weather conditions during the race.
Increase customer's satisfaction
Constant access to lap times for drivers
Information about GAP and DIFF
Display video and commercials
Bring your track to a new high tech level
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Barcode scanner for allocation
Wireless barcode scanner for quick go-kart assignment. After successively barcode scanning the software will allocate the driver to the correct go-kart.
Professional anti-shock protection
High capacity of the built-in battery
Quick and easy allocation
Various barcode types
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Weather station
Reading and reporting weather conditions at the track. Data is saved for each session. The weather station is linked to the RaceFacer software, so the drivers can compare their performance under different weather conditions.
Wireless sensor connectivity
Air temperature
Asphalt temperature
Atmospheric pressure
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Thermal printer
Non-fiscal printer for tickets. The tickets can be customized with individual design, logo and text for advertisement. It provides information about the driver and the session.
Ticket printing
Custom design
Info about the driver and the session
Option for barcode
Quick integration with the software
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QR code scanner
It reads QR codes generated from the Mobile app, membership cards with QR codes, vouchers, etc. It is directly linked to RaceFacer software.
Read any kind of QR codes
Quick recognition on POS through
Mobile app QR code
Promotion, tickets, vouchers
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Paging system
A system of pagers, through which the clients are informed for the start of their session. Each pager is linked to a customer.
Queue management
Call button
Avoid the crowd
Clients can do other things while waiting
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Magnetic cards reader
It is a device that reads the information encoded on the magnetic stripe located on the back of the card.
Read any kind of QR codes
Quick recognition on POS through
Mobile app QR code
Promotion, tickets, vouchers
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