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Registration on the track in the RaceFacer system.

The first thing you need to do is register in the RaceFacer system on the tablets located at the reception desk or on our website www.rumos-sport.ru. After this registration you will be able to check your results, see what place your time occupies among other pilots on the track in accordance with the age group, category and type of karts. If you have already registered withRaceFacer, you will only need to confirm it and make your choice: the number of races and the type of karts. You can also install on our phone our mobile application. With its help you can register, store data about your races, call your friends for competitions and much more! Download the App Store or Google Play app

Do I need to have an identity document?

Yes, the first time you register, a confirmation of identity is required.

Do I have to fill in the declarations?

Yes, you must fill out the registration form on the tablets and confirm it by signing the declaration on paper. By signing this declaration, you agree with the conditions of piloting and the rules of conduct on the "RUMOS-SPORT" track. For children under the age of 14, the parent or accompanying guardian must sign the declaration.

Should I wear a coveralls and a helmet?

The overall is desirable, and the helmet is mandatory for going to the track. Also you should have comfortable sports shoes. You also have to put a balaclava under your helmet. It is forbidden to sit in the cards and go on a track with scarves and other evolving clothing elements. People with long hair are obliged to remove hair in a balaclava, tie them with an elastic band or fasten it with a hair clip. This is a mandatory condition for going to the track to ensure your safety.

Is a balaclava obligatory?

Yes, the balaclava is mandatory, since helmets are used many times.

Where are my personal belongings when I'm on the track?

You need to put phones, keys and other items that can fall out of your pockets in lockers in the locker room, especially valuable things are handed over to the administrator of the track at the reception.

What are the age and growth requirements for children to manage karts?

The minimum height of drivers is 140 cm or 6 years, growth is a key factor. The main thing is that the child can freely reach the pedals of gas and brake and can freely press them.

How does the race take place and how long does it take?

The time interval is 10 minutes. All the pilots on the track are required to execute the instructor's commands and obey the flag-sigalization.

How many people can participate in the race at the same time?

A maximum of  8 carts can be present on the track at a time. During the competition the participants are subject to the Rules of the competition. 

Do I have to go through some training?

Each driver is subjected to short mandatory safety instructions. At the briefing you will see the meaning of each flag, safety signs and the procedure for working with the cart.

Should I have experience driving a car?

You do not need the experience of driving. Each pilot before the race is instructed how to drive,  also you get acquainted with the safety, the meaning of the flags.

The basic rules of conduct on the track RUMOS-SPORT.

Before the arrival carefully read the Declaration you are signing! The following persons are not allowed to manage the carts:

- Drunk and intoxicated;
- Not having a boarding pass;
- Not passed the preliminary instruction;
- Under the age of 6 (six) years;
- Have contraindications for health reasons.


Independently to leave on a line, especially during arrival, and as without the permission of the issuer.
Be in the release zone without proper equipment: helmet, gloves, protection (for children);
Go to the track without permission, especially during the race;
Start the race, without the appropriate commands;
Intentionally push the participants' carts:
Push carts out of the road;
Independently stop on the road (the exception is a malfunction or breakdown of the kart);
Get up and leave the carts without permission;
Let go of both hands from the steering wheel;
Press the gas and brake pedals simultaneously;
Cross security zones (cut off the route, with the exit to the next section of the route);
To change the direction of motion  (to go in the opposite direction);
Ride in the transverse directions on the straight sections;
Drive through the parking area (PIT LANE), at a speed exceeding 5 km / h.;
Use PIT LANE for overtaking and driving during the race;
Ignore flags signals, as well as signals sent by responsible persons;
Touch the hot parts of the engine, as well as the rotating parts of the engine and the karts;
After the termination of arrival independently, without the permission, to leave carts.
On the territory of the karting center RUMOS-SPORT  profanity and obscene language are not welcome.

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Kак да получиш следващо звание
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