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Varna Karting
Varna, Bulgaria
1050 m
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

WELCOME to FaceRacer.com and Varna Karting LOYALTY CLUB!

The FaceRacer Loyalty Card gives the opportunity to gain an extra price reduction for our loyal customers.

SILVER CARD - for 200 driven km. - 10% discount

GOLDEN CARD - for 1000 driven km. - 20% discount

PLATINUM CARD - for 2000 driven km. - 30% discount

* Kilometers can be accumulated by driving on each of the FaceRacer`s tracks part of the program.
* The discount applies to all tracks of FaceRacer.com included in the Loyalty Club!

Loyalty Club Tracks:

Sofia Karting Ring, Sofia, Bulgaria

Varna Karting, Varna, Bulgaria

Lauta Karting, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Bigo kart, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

*Kilometers are valid only if they are registered on active profile in RaceFacer.com on any RaceFacer track

**If a membership cardholder doesn’t visit “Varna” Karting for 30 calendar days he/she loses 5% of their discount. For every other 30 days (successively) they are losing per 5%. To restore the full discount the client needs to visit the track and register a session. For every session, the client restores 5% of the discount. For more information our staff on the track.

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