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Varna Karting
Varna, Bulgaria
1050 m
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Karting racetrack Varna is the largerst karting racetrack in Bulgaria. It is certified by BFKC and its certification by the international karting federation CIK/FIA is yet to come. For the past years karting racetrack Varna has attained awars such as: “Most progressive sport” in Varna region and the award for major role in karting development at the Yearly ceremony of the Bulgarian Sport Karting Federation.

Each year they organize National and International championships at the racetrack. With the aim to make the sport more popular and keeping the clients interest there are many fan championships organized as well as student challanges and promotions, media nd company races.

  • Area: 29 m2
  • Length: 1050 m
  • Width: 9 m
  • Lighting: 14 Projector pilons
  • Seating: 720 seats, bar and VIP lounge

The measuring system: measuring time software- AMB TIMING. Each and every karting is equipped with a transponder, whose transmitter transmits using a radio signal the number of the kart. Never stand at the start-finish line where the transponder is recognized withe the precision of every 1/1000 second. This is the same technology used in Formula 1 racing.

We maintan records with all of the information of our clients and we store the records and times of their laps from each session at the karting racetrack. Times you can check on the monitor, near the register or you could want a prin out.

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Kako doci do sledeceg ranga
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Varna Karting

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