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Varna Karting
Varna, Bulgaria
1050 м
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Team building at the karting racetrack is something more than a RACE. It is emotion, adrenaline, applause, full trotle high speed, tactics and eagerness to win. Now for a couple of years quality team building has been the experience which is offered at racetrack Varna Karting.

The team at racetrack Varna karting is professionally equipped to make the participants feel as they were in a live race in the atmosphere of the motorsports and relive a trully personal experience: laps for the poleposition, qualification part, semi-finals and in the end of course - the moment of truth or in other words - the finale after which comes the moment of recognition of master driving accompanied by champagne, prizes and lots of applause. The regulations and the method of the karting race are discussed in advance with the organizers depending on the numebr of people, time they have and last but not least the budget.

For an even more real experience, the racetrack team can offer you: a host, prizes, hotel reservations, special music and others.

Except everything else driving a mini car is a great way to relax, take of the stress and to beat your previous score from last time with your coworkers.

For particular offers for your experience please send an e-mail.


The game of paintball is similar to chess. It requires intelligence and concentration. Strategy is very important. It teaches you self discipline and it hones your leadership skills. That also aids your ability to work in a team. A competition like this has qualifications, semi-finals and a final. The participants are divided into two or more teams which play against each other most often in direct elimination. Each team is given their equipment and the neccesary professional instructional speech.


Оffroad buggies are for trill seekers. All wanting to drive a buggy in a foiled locality, close to the racetrack with different types of difficulty.

Stable with their independent suspension on 4 wheels and safe with their steel frame, the razor Buggy-250 makes your experience once in a life time. One of the required terms of riding a buggy is using a helmet, being atleast 18 years of age, an instructional showing and driving with a tempo set by the leader of the group.

Fun games

The most attractive, fun and spectacle games are the inflatable “Human Foosball” and “Sumo wrestling”. The only place in Bulgaria where you can become a part of the unforgetable experience with these inflatable attractions is karting racetrack Varna. The human foosball is a larger version of the famous game of foosball where participants play in a large field. Everybody’s favorite and suitable for all ages unique and extraordinary game is great not only for the participants, but for the viewers also.

Sumo wrestling is guaranteed fun. The participants can play in rounds similar to a real boxing ring and the winner is whoever wins more rounds. The attractive suits will let you live a true spectacle.

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