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Tver, Russian Federation
420 m
02:00 PM - 11:00 PM

We offer unique formats for you and your friends and colleagues! Adrenaline in the heart, heat, passion and trembling in every cell of the body from fantastic emotions, an amazing feeling of victory in the tournament and the delightful memories of a team united in one evening.

Individual tours to children and parents.

The system of pre-booking is valid on the carting center. To make the heats you need to call +7 (4822) 369-000 or fill out the booking form on our website www.rumos-sport.ru (Calendar). For the first visit  you need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the heat and have your passport or driver's license. Do not worry, these documents are needed only for registration and you will not need it in the future. After you disguise (helmet, overalls, neck protection are provided) and register in the system, you will receive instructions on how to drive and about signaling flags. Children go on their own, from the age of 6 (if they can reach the pedals on their own) on children's cars, for young children (from 4.5 years) we have a double cart SODI 2DRIVE, where the child, fastened, can drive along with the parent on the track. The duration of the heat is 10 minutes, at the same time up to 8 cars can be on the track. The average duration of the visit is up to 1 hour. Payment: cash / Visa, Mastercard
Additional options: free parking, a gas station, a cafe, toilets, a children's room, an authorized car and freight service, Wi-Fi

Groups / corporate parties and holidays.
We have experience in holding birthdays, children's parties, graduation parties, corporations of large companies, sports events - up to 150 participants.

Race "Time Attack", duration 1 hour. Perfect pastime for a small company, families with children, maximum 16 people. The track is completely closed for strangers, the equipment is included in the price. Qualifying heats: 2 for 10 minutes, up to 8 cars in the race. The pilots are selected with better lap times. Formed 2 groups: fast pilots and slow pilots. 2 final runs of 10 minutes each. The best lap time determines the winner.

Groups of more than 16 people - 2 or more hours, the format is negotiated individually, 4 heats for 10 minutes / 1 hour, taking into account the change of karts and briefing before the race.
Payment: cash / Visa, Mastercard, reservation one week before the event.
Additional options - prizes, medals, cups, diplomas are paid extra. Buffet or banquet menu.

People with disabilities
The SODI 2DRIVE cart is ideal for involving people with disabilities into racing events on the track! The car has a unique patented system that allows you to make the steering wheel of a passenger static or dynamic, as well as special seat belts to fasten the passenger, drive along and enjoy the ride in the map! The complex is equipped with an entrance with a ramp, an enlarged tambour and doorways, toilets and a ski lift. Before visiting, please consult with a specialist and your doctor!

Professionals and amateur pilots
We offer special DINO "Supersport" club carts: light frame with reinforced frame fastening brackets, 4-stroke Honda GX120RH engine with 17 hp, chain drive, brake disc protection, hard plastic seats. The steering wheel is drawn in black Alcantara with a red stitch. Tires -Yokohama ADVAN. The carts are available only to the owners of the club rights of the karting center "RUMOS-SPORT" and pilots with a racing license. We also offer a number of racing events, with a timetable which you can always find on our website and in social groups.

Tver Week Karting Series - this is a weekly series of races. We race every week in various formats (personal, team, children's, SWS) for both professionals and amateurs.
For information please go to http://twks.ru 


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