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Tver, Russian Federation
420 m
02:00 PM - 11:00 PM


"RUMOS-SPORT" is a unique project for Tver and Tver region. This is the first and only indoor sports and entertainment complex in the Upper Volga region for rental carting with modern equipment of the world level that meets all the requirements of conducting competitions and events. For two years we worked on an open track, and in 2017 a two-storey complex with an asphalt track, a full-cycle restaurant and a comfortable rest zone was built specially for karting.

The area is more than 5000 sq.m.

Track - covered, length 400 meters, width 6-7 meters, 17 turns, covering the asphalt. In sunny weather, it is transformed into a combined track: when the gate is opened, a four-hundred-meter stretch is added to the street - 700 m.

Technique: club carts DINO supersport, SODI RT8 rental carts, Sodi LR5 for children and SODI 2 Drive -  twin cart.

Timing system - MyLaps. The passage of the track is displayed on a four-meter scoreboard of the results on the track, TVs in the reception area and a restaurant. Also the results of races are recorded in the mobile application of the social network RaceFacer.
Our mobile application allows you to quickly register on the track with your personal QR code, get constant and quick access to your results, learn about promotions, bonuses and races, contact friends and call them to fights, and find new friends- Pilots with friendly tracks around the world! Download the App Store or Google Play app

We provide our guests with equipment: overalls, helmets, head socks, neck protection.

Professional trainers will conduct individual and group classes for you in the karting school. At the school there are 2 groups for children from 6 years old: for beginners and experienced pilots. One lesson includes 3 trips to the track - 10 minutes each departure - and 2 theoretical briefings between the races. During the theory there is an analysis of errors of each student. The duration of one lesson is an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes. On the road at the same time there are no more than 7-8 cars.

The sports and entertainment complex RUMOS-SPORT is, perhaps, the best place for active recreation in Tver with family and friends. Especially for you on the second floor we created a place of comfort - this is the restaurant Traveler's coffee. More than 120 seats, full-cycle kitchen, VIP hall for corporate parties and family celebrations, children's play area, balconies overlooking the road. Panoramic glazing and monitors with the conclusion of the timekeeping system make it possible to observe the vicissitudes of the struggle on the track without taking a break from the delicious cup of coffee with dessert.

For those who are far from sports passions and who are looking for a place for celebrating a birthday, holding a business conference, a brief for the company's employees or meeting with friends, we offer our VIP hall for 40 seats, equipped with a complex of sound equipment for events, fantastic dishes from our chef and, of course, our branded drinks and desserts. The banquet and buffet menu is at your service!

If you want to have a good rest with your friends, get an adrenaline rush, an unforgettable experience and learn how to win, then go-karting center "RUMOS-SPORT" is waiting for you!

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