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By using the kiosk, your customers can register and create their own driver’s account in order to enjoy all the benefits of the social network. Thanks to the Kiosk system, you speed up your customer flow and create an exclusive database of drivers with all the essential information – name, e-mail, telephone number, DOB and etc. There is an option for photo, which will be attached to the driver’s profile and visualized on the screens. After each heat, drivers can use the kiosk to check their lap timing and scoring, thanks to the connection between the kiosk and the timing software.

Point of Sale

RaceFacer POS is part of the karting management system , which offers easy way of selling all kind of products - karting, other activities, bar and shop products, gift vouchers , prepaid heats, membership cards and more, by using different payment methods. It is designed for a quick interaction between clients and employees and thanks to the “Notes “track’s staff can perform excellent customers’ service and be aware of important information about the client- picture, best time, driven km, number of visits…. Customers’ flow has never been so quick and easy, due to the option for customer’s identification with QR code or magnetic card. There is an option for printing customized ticket after the payment.

Paging system

With various options for queuing management, the waiting process can be improved and a crowd at the pit avoided. RaceFacer karting management software is designed to work with buzzing pagers’ system and mobile app push notification. Upcoming session monitor announces the next drivers. Facilitate customers’ waiting time and let them do other activities in your venue.

Session (race) manage

It is designed for a race (session) management and regulation of the flow on the pit and on the track. RaceFacer karting management and timing software gives the opportunity for complete control before and during the session. Marshals can move drivers in different sessions, allocate karts (manually, automatic or by barcode scanning), start/stop a session, change go kart, add or remove time/laps, manage races with multiple heats and much more. Complete information about all the finished races (sessions) and the drivers in them - lap timing, best time, kart type and sector times (optional), can be seen or printed.

Timing software

RaceFacer kart timing software is compatible with any timing hardware. It sends live lap timing to the displays, customer profiles and reports. It offers also sector times integration.


RaceFacer displays are with modern design and photo integration. They can visualize different modules with information received from the timing software itself about laps timing and scoring. The display configurator allows an easy switch from one display to another. Current session monitor shows all the drivers on the track, their position, kart number, lap progress, timer, best time and last lap timing. The result display shows the final results from the previous race with each driver’s best time and position. There are two visualizations - list or/and podium, both with a photo of the driver. Upcoming session monitor will display all the drivers for the next race (option to visualize their photos and/or assigned go kart). Other displays like Best lap timing for the day/week/year, instructors monitor, mechanic monitor and etc. are also available. Display slider will allow playing videos and commercials in between.

Online booking

The calendar module helps to plan the customer flow and the occupancy of the venue. The visualization can be for a day, week and month or as a list of reservations. Online bookings can be done through RaceFacer.com - Social Network. We can also provide widgets for the track’s website. RaceFacer karting management system synchronizes online and internal bookings and gives a complete overview of all the reservations and events in the venue.

Online payment

RaceFacer karting software offers option for online payment. Payments can be received for all kind of bookings, products and Gift Vouchers. With the online payment system you will avoid crowd at the POS and it is very effective especially for group bookings. Great opportunity to sell Gift vouchers.

Races and championships

RaceFacer karting timing software allows you to create tailor-made races, events and championships (Endurance, Le Mans, Grand Prix …) in a fast and simple way. It is quick and easy to input drivers’ information, race specifics and various regulations. There is an option for defining different point systems and penalties. Once you have created certain race there is no need to do it again, just click it and start the race. The virtual commentator will keep everybody updated on what is going on on the track in each moment.

Voucher system

The Voucher system is a key element of successful Marketing Campaign. Based on experience, RaceFacer has developed an in house voucher system. Vouchers are divided into three distinct categories- with money value, number of heats or discount vouchers. All the vouchers can be offline or online and assigned to different distributors. It is easy to follow their efficiency in the reports available in RaceFacer karting management system. The number of the vouchers can be generated automatically or input manually.

Marketing tools

Identify and analyze karting track efficiency by using several insights - customers, products, karting and financial. Thanks to them, you will have complete overview of the business and customers’ behavior in order to create promotions and events. RaceFacer karting management system effectively segments the market, delivering the right incentive at the right time to the right customer. Thanks to the connection with RaceFacer karting social network it is very easy to create target groups according to different objectives and to contact them via e-mail, sms or notification.


RaceFacer reports give you a global overview of your rental track financial performances, sales efficiency and staff achievement for selected periods. You know exactly what kind of revenue your rental track is generating, from who, where and when. You can also keep an eye on your employees and control the operational process of the track from distance. Reports help you to find out what is the tendency of your business activity and then take accurate actions. RaceFacer karting management system gives you detailed information about all the orders, revenue, employees’ working hours, customers’ notes, polls, timing software and hardware status.

Bar and shop management system

This is a complete management system for bar and shop, which includes information for the suppliers, inventory control, products sales and reporting. With it is very easy to manage the supplies and plan restocks. Bar and shop products can be used for packages and promotions. The bar and shop management system has integration with a barcode scanner for quick sales and add a stock.


It gives an excellent overview and history of the go karts condition and cost. Thanks to this module of RaceFacer karting management system is very easy to plan maintenance in advance. You will receive notification for any action that needs to be taken. Through the “Notes” module the communication between instructors and mechanics has never been so easy and efficient. The warehouse for spare parts and the inventory control will help you to avoid out of stock.

HR system

It gives a complete overview of the employees’ working hours, performance and achievements. Employees can clock in and clock out and you can control your staff for timekeeping. The working hours can be divided into weekdays or weekends.

Track's website

Each track gets personal website integrated into the Community, which contains all the essential information that customers need to know. You can promote events, publish news, add information about location, contact details, ranking, best lap timing and much more, all from your own autonomous administrative panel and business homepage.

Fan club

It is an area where drivers can join, discuss topics, share experience, post pictures and videos and talk all about karting. It is and additional platform for the rental tracks to get in contact with their customers and share information, events, discounts or special promotions. It drives the engagement with your customers and increases their interest in karting.

Custom leagues

Each track can organize and manage their own local leagues, publish regulations and get separate ranklist available for all the participants. The leagues can be customized for different companies, events and for Championships management. RaceFacer karting social network and its connection to RaceFacer karting management software offers an easy way to invite participants and include them in separate ranklist (it can be automatic, manual or combination of both).


Drivers can send messages between each other. This is an easy way to reach your customers, send them information about events, promotions, news. Congratulate them for achievements or personal holidays and double your impact by sending message or notification to a specific target group at once. Last but not least, the notification system also raises the interactivity between drivers and consequently boosts their motivations to race and compete together, on your track! Drivers can send messages to each other and chat with their karting friends.

Live Timing

Thanks to the Live Timing, drivers will be able to attend your events in real time, even from distance. The Live Timing is customizable and adapts to fit on any display devices from distance. Easily integrable into personal tracks' website, it is also possible to display the Live Timing directly on track.

Weather station

RaceFacer knows that drivers must compare what is comparable. A lap time under rain will not be the same as a lap time in high summer with a shining sun! We provide tracks with an accurate weather station linked to our software. When drivers want to compare performances, they know exactly what the prevailing conditions are.

Membership Card

The tracks can provide drivers with or sell them membership cards with personal discount or additional driving time. They can be with customized design, QR code or magnetic strip. Through a membership card, the driver can be easily recognized on POS.

RaceFacer offers custom made magnetic cards

Driver profile

Everyone can create his own profile and can customize it with personal information and picture. Quick sign in via Facebook, Vkontakte and We chat. Each driver can enjoy a global overview of his own lap timing and achievements and at the same time can explore other drivers’ accounts to analyze and compare their performance with his own.

Rank level

In order to increase the interest in driving go kart and to divide the drivers according to their experience, RaceFacer offers 4 different rank levels- Beginner, Diver, Expert and Racer. Each driver starts as a beginner and can climb to the next level by accumulating kilometers (miles) or achieve certain lap timing, individually determined for each karting track and kart type. The goal of the drivers is to clear all objectives and become a Racer!


Thanks to the connection between the first karting social network RaceFacer.com and RaceFacer Karting Management Software drivers can see all their results and lap times and compare them with other drivers. There is an option for comparison of sector times. Through the diver’s profile your clients will be able to see their best times, all lap timing, their progression and history of achievements.

Ranking system and ranklists

To add more accuracy to the ranking, RaceFacer provides different filters in order to compare what is comparable. There are two different types of rankings:

1.By lap timing- compare times of drivers from the same age, gender, karting type, weather conditions and progress.

2. By points- each driver can collect points from driven kilometers, personal best lap times, challenges and races.


The fun part of RaceFacer social network comes from the ability to challenge friends! The challenges can be the best time of the day or a race. In this way,your customers will bring you more customers.

Challenge by lap time: Select a group of friends and send them a Challenge. The organizer of the challenge chooses the day and the type of go kart. All invited drivers will receive a notification and they can accept or decline the challenge. On the day of the challenge, drivers who accepted it come and drive any time they want during the day.

Challenge by Race: Your clients can organize race between each other. The organizer chooses the day, go kart type and time.


As in all social networks, the users can invite friends to like and share their profiles, posts, photos and videos. RaceFacer karting social network is the best way to keep in touch with karting friends, to follow their achievements and compare them with yours.

Mobile Application

The Mobile app is a key element in each Marketing Campaign. It is the easiest and fastest way to reach your customers and it is an important part of keeping and stimulating your client’s interest in driving go kart. With the Mobile app is extremely easy for each driver to find you, follow what it going on on the track, make a reservation, check lap timing and scoring , results and ranking, create challenges and so much more. It also gives access to QR code for quick recognition on POS in RaceFacer karting management system.

Security and support

RaceFacer karting management and timing software has 24h/7d support desk. A highly experienced staff is available anytime via phone, viber, whatsapp, e-mail, skype or other preferable by you channel for communication. Our remote and onsite software teams work as quickly as possible to resolve any issue - we know time is money. RaceFacer provides full training for the track’s employees. Our team will make sure that your staff knows all the features and possibilities of RaceFacer karting management and timing software and use them properly in order to ease their everyday working activities. Security is our first priority and RaceFacer karting management system offers double storage - in a local server and in Cloud and back up twice a day.

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