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Team Building

Team building on the racetrack is more than a RACE. It is emotion, adrenaline, applause, full trotle high speed, tactics and eagerness to win. Now for a couple of years quality team building has been the experience which is offered at racetrack Lauta Plovdiv.

The team at racetrack Lauta is professionally equipped to make the participants feel as they were in a live race in the atmosphere of the motor sports and relive a truelly personal experience: laps for the poleposition, qualification part, semi-finals and in the end of course-the moment of truth or in other words-the final after which comes the moment of recognition of master driving accompanied by champagne, prized and lots of applause.

The regulations and the method of the karting race are discussed in advance with the organizers depending on the numebr of people, time they have and last but not least the budget. For an even more real experience , the racetrack team can offer you: a host, prizes, hotel reservations, special music and others.

Some of the companies which have organised team buildings for their employees and business partners at karting racetrach Lauta are: Ataro Kilima, BAKB, Bulgarian National Bank, Darik Radio, Carlsberg Bulgaria, M-tel, Radio Fresh, Sokotab Bulgaria, Stemo; Berlin-Chemie Menariny Group, CEZ Bulgaria, Dunlop, Fujitsu Siemens Computers Bulgaria, GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffman La Roche, Job Tiger, IBM Bulgaria, Novo Nordisk, Philips Bulgaria, Porsche Club, Shell Bulgaria, SKF Beаrings, Sony Bulgaria and others.

Except everything else driving a mini car is a great way to relax , take of the stress and to beat your previous score from last time with your coworkers. For particular offers for your experience please write an e-mail.


Bowling is one of the fastest developing sports, the dynamics and competative motive bring pleasure to all ages. The Excalibur Complex Bowling is a favorite spot for leisure having 8 lanes two of which especially for children.

Team building trough bowling is organized in the form of a competition and you will learn the rules of this suitable for all ages game accompanied by having a really good time.

The competition has qualification games, semi-finals and final matches, eliminations and tough situations when the scores of the contendors are equal.

The regulations and the way the team builing will be hosted is discussed in advance with the organizers. As additional extras we offer: host, prizes, cocktail, hotel reservations, special music and others. During the team building of the bowling competition all of the contendors have equal conditions in the race and qualified instructor, who will guide those headed for victory.

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