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RaceFacer è il posto dove i piloti possono condividere la loro passione per il karting.
RaceFacer è una comunità che aiuta la connessione tra tracce e I piloti.

La missione di RaceFacer è quella di fornire i centri di go-kart con una Global Solutions for Timing Software, hardware e servizi, al prezzo più competitivo sul mercato. Creato con tanta passione da un piloto e appositamente progettato per il settore go-kart.

Customer and business oriented, our track management system is the essential tool to manage a go-kart center and to increase its profitability.

Created by tracks owners for track owners, is the world’s first social network for tracks and drivers, specially designed for the rental go-kart sector.

RaceFacer bases its daily work on Innovation, Performance and Flexibility. Our Software is fully In-Company developed which clearly enhances competences and adaptability.

Global solution
For go-kart-centers
Timing software, hardware and services.
The first social network for tracks and drivers
Track management system
CHIOSCO Point of sale Timing software Session manager Race karts module Displays HR system
Online booking and payment Calendar Garage Bar and shop Reports Integrations
Marketing system
Customer insights Karting insights Product insights Financial insights Best times filter Create groups
Campaign manager, e-mails, sms and notifications Loyality program Membership cards Voucher system
Multi-activity centers calendar
Race and championship management
RaceFacer mobile application
For tracks
Track’s profile page in social network Fan club Track Locator Online booking Events NOTIFICE E MESSAGI Sector times integration Private leagues Other social network integrations
(FB, VK, WeChat, Instagram)

The first social network for karting tracks and drivers

Face Racer è una piattaforma unica nella quale tu puoi condividere i tuoi risultati con piloti da tutto il mondo. Grazie alle varie classifiche e diversi obiettivi, i piloti aumentano le proprie motivazioni per arrivare a un livello più alto.

Entrando nella prima rete di karting sociale di Karting Fans, le traccie aumentano la loro notorietà internazionale e l'interesse dei clienti a guidare go-kart.
For drivers
Driver profile Results Ranking points Rank level Friends SFIDE Messages Compare sector times Other social network integrations
(FB, VK, WeChat, Instagram)

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The most cost effective go karting management and timing software

Multi-activity calendar

It is specially designed for multiactivity centers and gives detailed information about all the reservations, their duration and time frame for each activity separately or for all of them together. Easy management of schedules depending on the occupancy of the venue. Synchronization between online and internal bookings. An easy way to add on sale or upsell, thanks to the booking history.

Online payment for bookings and vouchers

RaceFacer karting software offers option for online payment. Payments can be received for all kind of bookings, products and Gift Vouchers. With the online payment system you will avoid crowd at the POS and it is very effective especially for group bookings. Great opportunity to sell Gift vouchers. RaceFacer has integration with the most popular payment systems.

Races and championships

This module allows you to create tailor-made races, events and championships (Endurance and Sprint) in a fast and simple way. It is quick and easy to input drivers’ information, race specifics and various regulations. There is an option for defining different point systems, penalties and weight equalizing. Once you have created certain race template, there is no need to do it again, just click it and start the race. The virtual commentator will keep everybody updated on what is going on at the track all the time.

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Marketing tools

Identify and analyze karting track efficiency by using several insights - customers, products, karting and financial. Thanks to them, you will have complete overview of the business and customers’ behavior in order to create promotions and events. RaceFacer karting management system effectively segments the market, delivering the right incentive at the right time to the right customer. Thanks to the connection with RaceFacer karting social network it is very easy to create target groups according to different objectives and to contact them via e-mail, sms or notification.

Loyality program

FaceRacer Loyalty program provides customers with the opportunity to earn discounts, based on different objectives. Go kart centers can be part of the Global Loyalty program and to have their own.

Online gift vouchers

Online sale of different types Gift vouchers. Receive secure payments for them and know exactly the revenue that they bring you. Quick, easy and functional. Some of the best features are: vouchers for one or combination of activities, custom design, great gift or for personal usage, Secure payments, reporting and many more.

Membership Card

The tracks can provide drivers with or sell them membership cards with personal discount or additional driving time. They can be with customized design, QR code or magnetic strip. Through a membership card, the driver can be easily recognized on POS.

RaceFacer offers custom made magnetic cards

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Track management system

RaceFacer Track Management System is a complete and functional management system for Go-kart centers, which automates most of the processes, speed up the customer flow and optimizes marketing and management decisions.

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