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What must I do when I first enter the track?

The first thing you have to do is create your RaceFacer registration on the tablets placed near the reception. With that registration after driving, you will be able to check your results, see what place your time ranked amongst the others on the racetrack according to age group, categories: male/female and type of karting.
If you already have made a FaceRacer registration you will only have to confirm.


Do I have to carry a document of identity?

Yes, the first time you register, identity confirmation is obligatory.


Do I have to fill in any type of declaration?

By filling in the registration form on the tablets and its confirmation, automatically at the reception, a declaration is printed with your information. By signing this declaration you agree to the terms and conditions of piloting at Lauta Karting Track. For children under the age of 16, a parent or accompanying guardian must sign the declaration.


Do I have to buy a card to drive?

No, the card is free. After completing a declaration at the first visit to the runway, each customer is registered. For 200 kilometers, each customer receives a discount card.


Driving and karts


Should I carry special clothes when I come to drive at the track?

It is good to be wearing comfortable clothes and especially shoes, so you feel comfortable while driving. You have to purchase a balaclava from the reception, which is put under the helmet. The balaclava is yours to keep. It is prohibited to drive with scarves and other fluttering clothes. People with long hair have to tie them as a safety precaution.


Where are my personal belongings placed while I am driving?

It is necessary to put phones, keys and other items that could fall from your pockets in the safes and lockers at the track.


Is the balaclava mandatory?

Yes, the balaclava is mandatory as the helmets have been used a lot and hygiene is important.


What is the age and height requirement for children to drive karting?

The minimum height of drivers is 140cm or 6 years old, but the height is key.


Under what conditions can GT5 and RX250 cards be piloted?

For piloting these karts must be covered relevant regulations lap time with karting lower class. You can see the regulations in the “Karting” and “Prices” section.


Could a 12-year-old drive a GT5 and under what conditions?

Yes, if the child can cover the norm for a preset time and has a height of over 140cm. For the youngsters who are less than 16 years of age, a declaration has to be filled in by a parent giving consent that the child can drive a GT5.


By whom can the double kart be driven?

The lead driver of the double must be of at least 18 years of age.


If I buy minutes do I have to use them at one time?

Yes, all of the minutes you purchase have to be used at the same time.


How does a race happen and how long does it take?

A race is organized for a minimum of 8 people for Sodi RX7 and a minimum of 5 people for GT5. There are 3 laps for time (pole position), and the second lap is timed, starting grid, start (light) and 10 minutes until the flag (final), plus another 1 lap for coming back to the box after the finish. The time span is 15-20 minutes.


How many people can race simultaneously?

12 people can compete at the same time, the same as the number of Sodi RX7 karts on the track.


Do I have to undergo some type of instruction course before that?

Each driver undergoes a short mandatory instruction for safety. At the briefing, you will be shown the significance and meaning of each flag, safety signs and how to operate with the kart.
When starting the instructor will make you go and stop to see if you are capable of doing so.


Do I have to have the experience to drive a kart?

You do not need competition experience. Each driver will be instructed accordingly for safety and the rules of the track, the meaning of the flags and markings as well as the proper way of driving.



Discounts and other terms?


What discounts can be used?
Every client registers at the reception of Lauta Karting Track and with each time he drives kilometers are recorded in his RaceFacer profile. When 100 kilometers are reached he receives a membership card giving him the right to use 10% discount. For all other bonus systems please follow RaceFacer.com
– When you reach 200 km – silver card with 10% discount.
– When you reach 1000 km – goldern card with 20% discount.
– When you reach 2000 km – platinum card with 30% discount.
– The issuance of the card is free, but lost card re-issuance price is 5 leva.
* If a club cardholder does not visit the Lauta kart track in 30 calendar days, he loses 5% of his discount. For each of the next 30 days (consecutively) another 5% is lost. In order to regain its preferential terms, the client must visit the track and for each registered session will refund 5% of the discount. Contact the runway staff for more information.


Safety rules when driving a kart

Motorsports can be dangerous! You are required to introduce yourself with the rules and properly follow the safety procedures!
– Driving a go-kart with sandals, flip flops, high heels and etc. is dangerous. It is mandatory that the shoes are firmly tied.
– It is absolutely forbidden to drive a go-kart with long hair not being tied up. (if you have long hair it must be tied up.) Wearing scarfs and clothes with hanging freely accessories are absolutely forbidden because they can be tugged or caught by the go-kart or fall on the track.
– Driving a go-kart is not allowed for pregnant women, people with heart problems and health problems in the area of the neck, the waist, and the spine.
– Driving a go-kart is forbidden for people who have undergone operations in the last 3 months in the locomotor system or others that would pose a risk to their health.
– It is absolutely forbidden to come out from the car on the territory of the racetrack;
– When driving on the racetrack it is forbidden to change suddenly the direction in order to hit someone or go in front of someone else;
– It is absolutely forbidden to drive in the opposite direction of the track;
– If you spin around and can’t continue, stay in the kart and raise your hand until an instructor of the track comes to aid you;
– After you get out on the track – start your laps SLOWLY – cold tires have low traction (depending on the different temperatures the warming period is different);
– At the time of driving of the kart it is absolutely forbidden to stop and wait for someone;
– If the safety rules are not followed the driving of the person will be stopped for the session. After a second violation of the safety rules оccurs – the person will not be able to drive anymore at the racetrack;
– After the instructor has shown you a Red Flag, please continue slowly and stop carefully to the area marked by the instructor
– Failure to comply with the safety rules will result in terminating the offender’s race and the amount paid will not be recovered
– Track crew members have the right to refuse access to drive a go-kart to people which fail to comply with the rules described above and in case of suspected alcohol or drug use.


 Flags and signals

  Start a race
  Green flag – the track is in good condition or starting a warm-up lap during training
  Yellow flag – danger, overtaking is forbidden, “Reduce speed”
  White flag – there is a slow-moving vehicle on the track
  Black and White flag – is displayed along with the driver’s number for non-sporting behavior
  Blue flag – static: information about the pilot who was caught with one lap from the rest – open: will be surpassed any time with 1 lap
  Red flag – all pilots must immediately end the race and return to the start line
  Check flag – end of session, training or race

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How to get next rank
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